Saturday, 1 December 2012

November Playlist

Saturday, 1 December 2012
While I love this week's Song of the Week, it made me feel a little... incomplete.
I listen to so much music, I just feel that one song every week isn't enough and that too many great songs get missed out because I've restricted myself to 1 song.
This bizarre emotional guilt thus gave birth to; monthly playlists!
It's basically a monthly favourites post, but for music.
Ya with me? Awesome!
In no particular order, these are the songs that I have been head over heels in love with in November!

1. Little Things by One Direction
I'm not even a 'Directioner' but who caaares?! Have you heard this song? It's stunning. Apparently it was written by Ed Sheeren, not that that sways me in anyway it's just a fun fact!
Yes, our beautiful 1D boys have stolen my heart with this acoustic ballad.
Someone pass the kleenex!

2. Shine Ya Light by Rita Ora
Rita's album ORA is a little hit and miss, though there are some great songs on there including this little gem! It's smooth and a little sexy, with a serving of dark grittiness on the side. I love that she's gone back to her place of birth/hometown/roots(whatever) in the video. I just find it really uplifting. #GirlPower.

3. DNA by Little Mix
I don't even get this song, lol. Is it a love song? A make up song? A break up song? Who knows! Who the hell even cares?! It's a really powerful song, whatever the premise is, and we're treated to some really strong vocals and a cracking performance from the girls. Love it!

4. Standing in the Dark by Lawson
LOOK HOW HOT THEY ARE! But more importantly, listen to their voices. And the guitars. And the drums. I love how the music video as a compilation of song and video is packaged and wrapped up in a pretty little Scouse bow. I'm a fan of these Liverpudlian lads indeed!

5. Oath by Cher Lloyd
Miss. Lloyd can rub me up the wrong way sometimes, but I do absolutely adore this song. It's pure fun, contagious pop, perfect for dancing around your room to, complete with singing into your hair brush - I would know ;) It's another girly anthem, but the female camaraderie is irreplaceable. I really, really like this.

And there we have it! My November Mini Playlist, aka a handful of songs that I've been going gaga over.
What are your favourite songs this month? Let me know in the comments!
Thanks for reading :)


  1. Hey!
    Love your blog! I also love all the songs you mentioned in this post especially Lawson!:)
    Laura xx

  2. Thank you so much! Ugh, I love Lawson! I hope they make it big! :) xx


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