Monday, 4 February 2013

NEW Dove Compressed Deodorant Review

Monday, 4 February 2013
Deodorant is important. As squeamish as some may be, it's something we need to talk about. 
Everyone sweats, everyone needs protection from immense BO strong enough to knock a dinosaur out.
And Dove has a new kid on the block to help us out! 

Ha, wonky picture. Real profesh ;)
These cuties promise; white mark protection, moisturising cream and vitamin E, 48hour protection; with what Dove claims to be; 
"Our best invisible protection in a little can".

As a BzzAgent, the lovely guys over there have sent me this cute little can to review.
Sooo, you want to know what all the fuss is about.
Dove have taken their normal, 150ml deodorant and squeeeezed it into this tiny guy.
The best bit? It's compressed, the same amount of product in a smaller can.
So it lasts just as long as the regular one, but you can pop this one in your handbag!

Side by side with a regular sized can, you can really see the difference in size.
Now, I don't have particularly sensitive skin or anything, but I like that it's gentle on the skin with added vitamin E and moisturiser.
But other than that, I like it for the size more than anything else. Though it, thankfully, doesn't leave any white marks, 
I'm not too keen on the musky scent, and it doesn't keep me dry enough to put down my beloved 
Garnier mineral deodorant, which is cheekily photo-bombing.
A little peek into Superdrug tells me that these deodorants are also available in other scents such as the cucumber one, 
and there was a pink one, so if you do like Dove deodorants there are more scents available.

I do actually quite like the handiness of the size so, when my Garnier runs out, I might pop out and get the cucumber version of this Dove Compressed.

What do you think of this little guy?
Thanks for reading! :)

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