Sunday, 5 January 2014

[CLOSED] GIVEAWAY: No7 Limted Edition Eye Shadow Minis

Sunday, 5 January 2014
Remember when I said I'd be back? Well with a new url and a makeover, I am!
I don't really do New Year's Resolutions consciously, but I do make an effort to pull my socks up and kind of revamp myself and my life.
If that makes sense.
So I've officially decided to get back into blogging; hurrah!
And what better way to come back than with a giveaway!

Before you say it, NO these are not an unwanted gift! I snagged these for an absolute steal in Boots the other day and I'm giving them away to one lucky winner!.

There's 3 shades that appear to have a satin finish, unnamed of course because that would make my life too easy;
a sandy brown,
a light denim blue
and a smokey charcoal grey
Let me reiterate, they are minis! Though No7 eye shadow pigmentation does usually pack a punch. And these guys lean towards the shimmery side of satin so there'll be no dustiness or chalkiness over here!

Of course, these were bought with my own money.
Good Luck!!


    Wow thank you so much for doing this! I am in love with the colors!

  2. whoops forgot to put my email

    1. Hello! You have to follow my blog on GFC to be entered, it's mandatory. Thanks!


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