Wednesday, 4 June 2014


Wednesday, 4 June 2014
I love nail varnish, nail polish, whatever you want to call it. These days there's nail lacquers too. But regardless of there name, and I'll stick to polish for the sake of the post, I love them. I'm always looking for a shade that I don't have, which is no mean feat, or a good deal because I just can't stop buying them. I now own so many bottles of this crack that it was really difficult for me to pick just five shades, let me tell you, but I doubt anyone would want to scroll through the 20 shades that could have easily made this post, so I've managed to narrow it down. Anything for you guys!

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Colour in Tokyo Pearl
This is my favourite take on white nails; metallic, pearly gorgeousness. My only gripe with this formula is that it's very streaky. Though it doesn't look too bad if topped with a top coat. As with all Sinful Colors polishes (that I own) this takes 3 thin coats for 100% opacity, but I could paint all day if I wanted, or even leave it at 2 coats as I have done in the swatch.

NYC Quick Dry Nail Polish in Raindrop
This beautiful, pale blue is one of my favourites in my entire collection. I really like that it's pale but not milky so it doesn't look funny against my skin tone. Because of how light it is, I find I do need 3 coats to make sure that each nail is coated evenly.

Sinful Colors Professional Nail Colour in Bikini
This is a really interesting pink because it looks neon in the bottle but dries to a slightly more muted semi-matte finish, which was a pleasant surprise. As with all Sinful Colors polishes (that I own) this takes 3 thin coats for 100% opacity.

Nails Inc. for In Style in It's red, babez.
Ridiculous name aside, I love this nail polish. It's a gorgeous,  tomato red which looks great in the summer as it has a really warm undertone. Unfortunately this was limited edition (I think) last year with an edition of In Style magazine, but it's just a standard tomato red so I'm sure it would be pretty easy to find a dupe. In terms of opacity on the swatch I could have gotten away with just the one coat, but I always use 2 on my nails so I added a second one for the sake of reality.

Barry M Gelly Hi-Shine Nail Paint in Pomegranate
No drugstore, or high street, nail polish post would be complete without the infamous Barry M. This polish is a nice hybrid of raspberry pink and hot pink, and is one of my favourite pinks in my collection. In fact, it's currently on my toes right now! The formula of the Gelly Hi-Shines is really thick and glossy, but again I need 2 coats to ensure an even application!

So that's my top five summer nail polish picks! What are your favourite nail polishes to wear during this season? Let me know in the comments below!
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