Saturday, 24 January 2015


Saturday, 24 January 2015
I've used the phrase "first impression" as although I've been using them for a few weeks, I haven't yet tried to the entire line and I don't want to review a line of brushes if I haven't tried them. Okay? Okay.

MUA had a 20% off sale on Black Friday and I grabbed 4 out of the 21 brushes that they sell, 3 face brushes and an eye brush. I did want a couple others but they were out of stock and unfortunately still are. But that is all the bad news that I have because these brushes are amazing. They're incredibly soft, they perform so well and they're so cheap. And don't even get me started on the packaging; the all-black, glossy finish is classy yet edgy and right up my street. 
F2 - Stippling Brush: I haven't used this to stipple anything, I won't lie, but it's amazing for applying anything with a lot of pigmentation such a cream or powder brushes as it blends them so well. I've wanted a duo fibre brush for ages and this one has set the standard so high because it really is great. (link)
F9 - Flat Top Buffer Brush: I got this one as I thought it might be similar to the infamous Nars Ita brush aaand it's not. But it's a great brush. The bristles are really firm and dense which still make this brush excellent for contouring and really sculpting the face. (link)

F10 - Blush Buki Brush: This is a smaller version of another brush MUA sells which I don't have. Again the bristles of this brush are really stiff and dense which makes it surprisingly good for blending foundation. I use this with the Mac Studio Sculpt and whilst it is a bit of a work out the finish is so smooth. I also like this brush for a soft contour because the shape makes blending really easy. (link)

E7 - Eyebrow Brush: I've used this brush to fill in my eyebrows and it makes the whole affair rather tedious as the bristles are so short and the brush is so thin, thinner than it looks in the photo, but if you're looking for a tiny brush to add detail to your eye shadow, for example a precise liner under the lash line, this is the brush you need. I was looking at the Sigma E15 - Flat Definer but I don't need to fork out the $14 for that because this MUA brush has answered all my prayers. (link)

So these are the brushes that I've tried so far and it's fair to say that I love them all.
Have you tried the MUA make up brushes?
Thanks for reading, xo.


  1. So, out of all these brushes which 2 would you recommend the most? sidenote: you're gorgeous!

    1. Hiya sweetie. I see you left this comment a couple of weeks ago and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to reply! I've just started a new job and I've been crazy busy but I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I am 100% obsessed with the Stippling Brush, so I'd definitely recommend that. And if you like precision work on your eyeshadow, the Eyebrow Brush is amazing. I hope this was helpful! Thanks for commenting, xo.


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